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Wholesale Royal Red Shrimp

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Florida Wholesale Royal Reds

The season for these delicate sweet shrimp ranges from late summer through fall. The harvesting occurs in deep waters off of St. Augustines's coast at about 1200 - 2400 ft. This is where the ocean floor abruptly drops off the continental shelf

Royal Red Shrimp are a deep water bright red shrimp caught mostly off of Florida’s Coast and a few places in the Gulf of Mexico. The shrimp have large heads, long antennae and feelers and very red shell.

What Makes Royal Reds Popular

Royal Red’s are the sweetest shrimp there is. The highly prized flavor is unique and highly sought after. The deep water gives the meat a soft texture so care in cooking is required. They are great peeled and the fried or broiled in the shell.

Wholesale Royal Reds to the Market

Royal Red Shrimp fishing is a hard and dangerous. They are only usually fished when Rock Shrimp are out of season or in short supply. For the restaurant that wants a great product that not everyone has (or can get) Royal Red Shrimp are the perfect choice.

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